experience excellence
making amazing user experiences easy
on any screen

Craftwork makes amazing screen experiences easy

Craftwork plans, designs and builds intelligent and intuitive interfaces for electronic programme guides, video services and other interactive information and entertainment systems.

We create outstanding presentation and navigation systems that deliver the business objectives of our customers and satisfy the demanding requirements of their users.

With more than ten years of experience in the field, we know what works well on screen and we know how to make it work even better.

We take considerable care and pride in developing elegant, sophisticated software that is superbly reliable, maintainable and expandable. Our high-quality code is deployed in millions of devices worldwide.

Leading platform operators, system integrators, and hardware manufacturers recognise that we deliver cost-effective solutions to challenging problems, on brief, on budget and on schedule.

We enjoy working closely with some of the most successful companies in the industry.


We provide software toolkits that enable you to create great screen experiences for your users, based on years of expertise working with service providers.


We build solutions to solve complex software problems related to the user experience on screens, from programme guides to controlling connected devices.


We support our products and solutions with professional services, including consultancy, integration, support and maintenance.

Fast, fluid, flexible user interfaces

Our foundation user interface framework provides powerful tools to create high-performance on-screen experiences for any application.

LUNA™ delivers television quality graphics on inexpensive display devices. Designed for user interaction and high performance, it takes visual user interfaces to the next level.

It supports high-quality anti-aliased graphics and excellent font rendering. Real-time visual effects offer a modern look and feel.

Graphics animate smoothly in high-definition at a consistent 50 or 60 frames per second, even on low-end devices.

Applications can be rapidly developed in JavaScript and significantly outperform HTML5, WebGL or HTML Canvas implementations.

You can download the Software Development Kit including a software simulator that allows you to develop, run and view applications on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms.

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